Who is Mom.Single?

Well, there are quite a few answers to that question but only one that matters. I’m a single mom with the realization that in my life, as with many others like me the “Mom” aspect of my life will always come before the “Single” and fun parts. Not to say that being a mom isn’t fun, it is both rewarding and entertaining but it’s also a lot of work. Being a mom, being a parent is hard whether or not you have a supportive spouse or a house full of nannies. Being a parent, a concerned, well-meaning, put your child’s needs before your own kind of parent is a full-time, unpaid position and sometimes, we all need to vent.

That’s where this blog comes in. It’s a safe place where parents, single or otherwise, can enjoy the humor and the insanity of parenthood. A place for venting. A place for sarcasm. And on occasion, a place for advice and compassion.

So, whether you are a single parent, a married parent, a nanny who deals with parents, or a guy who’s contemplating dating a parent (which I must applaud you for) this is the place for you. Let me welcome you with open arms and a sense of humor. Here, you all belong.

PS-If you’re a child, go to bed. No one thought to tell us this shit before we had kids and we’re not going to be nice enough to let you in on all of this.
Father’s Day…

This is always a day of controversy in my life. I’m torn because of the horrible examples I’ve seen but I’m also beyond grateful for the wonderful men I’ve watched step up. I’m grateful for my father and my brothers who constantly play the role of ‘dad’ in Minion’s life when I’m just not enough. But…

I’m also grateful for a couple of you. There is very little that has the ability to soften my calloused heart in the way some of you do. Watching fathers love their kids, men step up and be responsible, gives me hope for the future.

So, this father’s day, I’m grateful to…




Reading your blogs and hearing your tales of fatherhood has an impact on my life and my outlook on the world. Thank you for that. And Happy Father’s Day!

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